There is a Thin Knot.

By Terence Degnan.

“I’ve scared up a supernova / upon which I’ve scribbled / a grocery list

Artwork by Nina Ždanovič.

There is a Thin Knot


that hangs gently

in the room


where I have stopped sending my mail

and while I imagine


a jam has built up

in the queue


in its place

or possibly somewhere alongside it


I’ve scared up a supernova

upon which I’ve scribbled


a grocery list;

a long and winding diversion


I’ve lost track of how long

my thoughts have thinned there


to become vivid or kelp

or terrible swimmers


the knot is a greyed talisman

but in my flight of fancy


it has silvered

like a baby’s spoon


is not used on a baby

and instead sits in the silverware drawer


like Joseph in a well

like a title does on a book


bored to death

by misuse


The Blood Pudding – September 4, 2020

Terence Degnan has published two full-length books of poetry. He is a co-director at the Camperdown Organization which was created to increase access to publication and education as well as promote agency for underrepresented writers. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter. You can find him at

Artwork: Nina Zdanovic is originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, and is currently based in Tokyo. Her work reflects her belief that humans don’t live in an objective world, that the reality that surrounds us always reflects what we are going through. She explores how our memories, thoughts, and experiences affect how we perceive reality and searches for the intersection between the real and mystical, between the inner and the outer worlds. You can find her and buy her work at