The Blood Pudding is a voice-obsessed boutique publisher of online fiction, nonfiction, poetry and of in print books. We go and lose our banana marbles for raw voices, stories that speak about the human condition and untold perspectives. Knock us out through our submittable page.


Liam Kim, Heather Feather.




Submissions are made on our submittable page.

G U I D E L I N E S :

All submissions must be double-spaced, in Helvetic/Arial/Times New Roman font and in word or pdf format.

W O R D   C O U N T S :

In all cases, over and under will be considered- each case will be judged on its own merit. Nonetheless, we have our sweet spots…

M I C R O : 1-300 words

F L A S H : 300-1000 words.

S H O R T   S T O R I E S : 1000-3000 words (over will be considered and is published, albeit rarely.)

N O N F I C T I O N : 1-3000 words (over will be considered and is published, albeit rarely.)

P O E T R Y : up to 3 poems

A R T W O R K : we are constantly on the search for new artwork. You can currently submit  A L L   F O R M S  of artwork through our ‘COVID submissions’. If it is a non-COVID piece of art, just make a note in the cover letter that it is a general art submission.

C O M I C S : we are also on the lookout for comics. Like artwork, we don’t have the space for a dedicated category on submittable, but you can submit your comics through our ‘COVID submissions’ and make a note in the cover letter that this is a comics submission.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed and encouraged.

Multiple submissions are allowed but you have to submit separately to account for the reading fee.

We only accept previously unpublished work.


FAQ-y stuff.

T A S T E B U D S :

We like raw, unique voices that speak about the human condition. Writing that comes from a place of truth, something that matters. It might be mundane like a plant, but it’s so urgent, it screams out of you like a rocket. You have The Tick.

Key Words: Imperfection. Vulnerability. Mistakes. Being alone. Empathy. Social Issues. And The Big, The Bad, The Mad-Bad Weirds.

Of course- read our stuff. You can get an idea what we like by keeping up-to-date with us. BUT, we don’t know what we like until we see it, as the cliché goes. If we haven’t yet published about that plant that you’re writing about, yet it’s urgent and raw and has The Big, The Bad, The Mad-Bad Weirds, don’t go discounting us.

We are especially motivated to provide a platform for traditionally marginalized voices. Black voices, women, queer people, non-binary folk, and any other voices that have been marginalized by the institutions.

R E S P O N S E :

General submissions: Whilst we pride ourselves on our reactions- sometimes within earshot of a jab from some effin 24-carat dudo that looks like Mike Tyson, scrambling on The Egg Ropes- we receive a high volume of submissions so cannot always be speedy with our response. Sometimes we’re in that Tyson ball-park. We’re sitting on the sofa, eating chips and watching football and we’ll blink at submittable and see a sore-thumb flapping on the shores. It nods and we nod and we all keep eating chips and watching football. Other times we’re in the office with a Stiff Antoccino and we’re Rocking In The Waves Of The Sun, sucking the words through our pores like a thorny lizard. The words take time. We let them settle before revealing themselves as The Small I Am, The Silent Creeper, who would have thought it? This one said that. Typically then, we have no real typically but allow up to 10 weeks- if we haven’t responded by then send us a mail to ask for an update. For manuscripts, the story is a little different- it can take us up to 3 months. Again- give us a nudge if it’s been this long.

F A S T E R   R E S P O N S E : You can now check a box on submittable for $3 and we’ll make sure we reply within 7 days. For manuscripts, allow up to 30 days.

F E E S :

It pains us to do so but we have to take a reading fee for submissions and we can’t afford to pay our contributors at the moment. We’re dreaming of those days where skimmed milk can be swapped for an organic full-fat sustainable Almond Water. For now, we hope you’ll be happy to be a part of The Fanciest Pantsiest web on the web. Your words don’t need anything else than the words, but we provide it anyway, a potion for the eyes. 

H O W   W E   P U B L I S H :

We take submissions on a rolling basis and aim to publish around 9 pieces per issue. We say ‘around 9’ because we don’t impose limitations on ourselves at all levels. We do not have a certain number of issues that we aim to publish per-year/month/decade/anything. We focus on the quality of writing. We would hate to say, for example, that we have to publish one issue a month and then to not get writing that is good enough and then to have to make the decision to either not publish the issue, or to publish work that we don’t consider to be good enough. The standard of writing always takes precedence. This also stands true for the types of things that we publish. Whilst we publish flash fiction, short stories, non-fiction and poetry online, we don’t impose a certain quota on ourselves that we have to publish at least 2 flash fiction pieces per issue, for example. Technically speaking, if we only got 9 good poems for an issue, we would publish 9 poems and forget about the fiction and non-fiction pieces.