The Man Who is Not a Father.

By Terence Degnan.

The man who is not a father is late on rent.”

The Kitchen by Nina Ždanovič


The Man Who is Not a Father


is late on rent

and poring over a gasp

which should be a hiccup

while cold coffee hangs from

a finger

and a cigarette exclaims

I have no owner

and a pencil

launches into immolation

because there is no

valuable word


that means both pencil

and spite that has no rooster

so his gadget takes off its

not summer dress

and wades deep into what should be a river but too many Irishmen

and not enough peonies

have already made off with the river

so he climbs into his wife

and daughter’s birthday suits

and says without you

without you without you without you

there would be a deficit

of firecracker grins

and he feels this

very much in what would be bones

if he hadn’t one day in November

let the radio frap

off the parking meters

in the garage’s frozen wedding frosting and taken the gasp






The Blood Pudding – September 28, 2020

Terence Degnan has published two full-length books of poetry. He is a co-director at the Camperdown Organization which was created to increase access to publication and education as well as promote agency for underrepresented writers. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter. You can find him at

Artwork: Nina Ždanovič is originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, and is currently based in Tokyo. Her work reflects her belief that humans don’t live in an objective world, that the reality that surrounds us always reflects what we are going through. She explores how our memories, thoughts, and experiences affect how we perceive reality and searches for the intersection between the real and mystical, between the inner and the outer worlds. You can find her and buy her work at