Sylvia Plath.

By Lara Carolina Widmann.

“i wonder if sylvia ever worked a night shift, / because / soaked in hospital lighting, / it did not look like art.

a midsummer night’s dream by Katarzyna Wasilewska.

i wonder if sylvia ever worked a night shift,


soaked in hospital lighting,

it did not look like art.


less dark,

not even romantic,

unless you fancied pebbles of phosphor,

and coppery sheets.


bones eating their way through like

moths caught in a wardrobe

worth a lifetime.


come, sit by my grave one day.

did you not teach me about dying?

The Blood Pudding – June 26, 2024

Lara C. Widmann was born in 1997. She graduated from LMU Munich with a degree in German philology in 2022. In 2021, she studied English and Creative Writing at the university of Exeter. She has recently been published by the Decadent Review, The Black Spring Press Group, and
Assignment Magazine. Currently, she is attending medical school in Germany.

Artwork: Katarzyna Wasilewska is a member of the Association of Polish Artists. Her artistic work arises from the need of additional, non-verbal communication with the viewers. She deals with topics relating to the categories of metaphorical and symbolic as well as performances from the world of abstraction. You can find more about her here.