An Encounter with the Paraclete.

By Brigidh Duffey.

“Catholics learn early in life to count”

Artwork by Andrew Potter.

Catholics learn early in life to count:

The sins between stackable chair and chair,

The white nights between Lent and release,

The days between one moment and their last.


Two doors and six stair-steps up, the senior altar boys

show me how best to climb a wooden ladder—

rung by rung, seven slats into the blackness

that kisses every mystery of the holy attic.


But if I pinch the memory just so, it’s a ladder

to heaven. Someone is singing a hymn I haven’t

heard before, a hymn about wine and water.

The attic-sky is spackled with stars:


eight, twelve, seventeen, ninety-six.                                                                                                                  



The Blood Pudding – October 13, 2020

Brigidh Duffey lives in Brooklyn with two demanding cats. She studied Anthropology and Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College. Her poetry explores gender, spirit, and identity. Her work has appeared in Panoply and From Whispers to Roars.

Andrew Potter is an Australian artist. He describes his work as ‘colourful, perhaps strange, otherwordly, but with an organic feel. You can find more about his work here.