The 2020 Blood Pudding Novel(la) Prize

Entry to The 2020 Blood Pudding Novel(la) Prize is open. Entries can be made on our submittable page here and will close when the submission limit has been reached.

We are strong believers that word counts are arbitrary. The Blood Pudding Novel(la) Prize allows novellas to compete with novels. In this age of reduced reading and attention spans, we think the novella might be on somewhat of a comeback tour. We’re giving it a chance. Think Cesar Aira. Think McGlue. Novels are good too. We’re not discounting novels. Just reducing the threshold barrier for reading of the novel(la). Everything will be judged on its own merit. The winning novel(la) will be published in print by The Blood Pudding.

Rules for entry

Over 25,000 words, with no upper limit.

Entries must be in 12-point Helvetica, double spaced and in word or pdf documents.


Editors of The Blood Pudding, Liam Kim and Heather Feather.

What we are looking for

Good writing. Each entry will be judged on its own merit. This means that, though our tastes tend towards literary and genre fiction, we are open to all genres (that appeal to an adult audience), including science fiction. Short story collections and essay collections will also be considered and are encouraged.

The winner of The Blood Pudding Novel(la) Prize receives:

  • Prize and advance ($3,000)
  • Creative editorial support from The Blood Pudding
  • A contract for the novel(la)s publication by The Blood Pudding

Terms and conditions

If any of these terms are not clear to you, please contact us at The Blood Pudding:

The entry must be the entrant’s own original creation and must not infringe upon the right or copyright of any person or entity. Co-authored entries will be accepted. Multiple entries per person will be accepted. Works previously entered to The Blood Pudding Novel(la) Prize in a previous year cannot be entered again, even if revised.

Previously published writers and writers who have existing contracts, or who have previously held contracts, with publishers for works of fiction or non-fiction are eligible to enter.

The Blood Pudding will have the exclusive world right to publish the winning novel in print and to represent foreign rights on the author’s behalf. The author will be contracted with a standard agreement.

The Blood Pudding reserves the right not to award the prize, as well as to make multiple offers of publication.

The Blood Pudding reserves the right to vary the rules and conditions of entry and to make any amendments to the published schedule as deemed necessary.