the fox & the hound.

By sterling-elizabeth arcadia.

“i tell my cats to finish their dinners / but they dont / i tell them to kill the mouse & they kindly / but very firmly indicate theyd rather not, thanks”

The Hostages by Alan Fears.

i tell my cats to finish their dinners

but they dont 


i tell them to kill the mouse & they kindly

but very firmly indicate theyd rather not, thanks


i command them into my lap

& instead they go eat


until i tell them this makes me happy 

which upon hearing they stare deeply into my eyes 

& vomit onto my new rug


good grief i tell my cats

but their attention has been completely captured by my digital camera 

which they just knocked off my desk


thankfully my cats were still available for emotional support 

while working on grad school applications


i put down more food


they ruin more rugs


when i tell them to eat again 

my cats reveal that theyve both gotten into film school


one of them also gets into porn

on the production side of things

but later a lack of communication and poor boundaries leads me to find out he also got into 

            the consumption side 


the other one gets into hipster-chic brooklyn cafes

& mumblecore films


he makes low budget one take set pieces under my bed

where i think hes also gotten into cocaine


my cats invite greta gerwig over for dinner after she teaches one of their film classes


they tell me theyll need the living room for the night

& hide their woody allen memorabilia in my closet without asking


i get ready for bed & hear them pitching a story to greta while i brush my teeth

its a mothman biopic


after i flush the toilet greta leaves 

& i stare at my cats


they stare back & say

thanks a lot asshole

The Blood Pudding – July 1, 2021

sterling-elizabeth arcadia (she/they) is a trans poet and diy tattooer in Washington dc, where she watches birds and cares for her cats. she is currently working on a chapbook of queer ekphrastic love poems based on her friends’ instagram posts. her work has been published in Stone of Madness Press and is forthcoming elsewhere.

Artwork: Alan Fears is a British artist who was shortlisted for the John Moores Painting Prize 2018 and 2021 and exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition 2018. The theme in most of his art revolves around reminding himself, and everybody else, how great and stupid humans can be and therefore how great and stupid life can be. You can find more about him here.