mishandled yeast infections and other character flaws.

By L.C. Evans.

“I dig a creek in my backyard and sit in it.”

Artwork by Alexandra Levasseur.

i dig a creek in my backyard and sit in it. i dump in baking soda

and some tea tree oil. i try to take off my dress and

the wet silk tears as i pull it over my shoulders. my clothes always end up like this:

in shreds. meanwhile, my hair is too short and thin to cover the burning mess;

smoke seeps from all gaps and clings sticky to my back.


in the midst of the smoulder, i disavow all acrylic nails and howl

for duller days. according to the internet,

homeopathic remedies will not fix the situation.

according to the internet, watched dough never rises. fidgeting,

i choose not to listen, drown myself in long skirts

and no underwear underneath, cross my fingers

for the wind to blow the infection away. this trailer-park curse,


this ancient floury malady. latch-legged, i sit in silence,

ask for redemption in the form of a clean kitchen. latch-legged, i face the window,

ask the sun to burn me a poultice. latch legged,

i salute my habit of giving absolutely nothing

and expecting absolutely everything in return.

The Blood Pudding – November 3, 2020

L.C. Evans is an undergrad chipping away at a creative writing major. She can be found reading, writing, and teetering around the Bay Area on roller skates. 

Artwork: Alexandra Levasseur was born in Shawinigan, QC, Canada and now lives and works in Montreal. Her work exhibits dreamlike qualities and portrays tormented female characters amidst landscapes. The central themes explored are love, fear, anguish and unrequited desire. You can find more about her and buy her work at alexandralevasseur.com.