By Madison Murray.

“Like meditation on the foul, her body decomposes.”

Artwork by Ekaterina Popova.

Oh, it’s real alright: the bathtub, the rotting tiled floor, the baby in the bathtub, the play-toys, and foam. It’s as real as the boys I once sambaed with, as real as the water-woosh down the drain. The child, a blister, is a bum. Like meditation on the foul, her body decomposes. We are similar in this way: bloated. “How many licks would it take to get to the center of all this bullshit?” she says — I’m sure of it.


When she’s three, more stable and flirtatious, she will bathe again amongst Barbies and big boats. She will look me in the swollen eyes, and ask, “Mommy, would you like some of my milk?” proving her right nipple to me. I will tilt my head back and criticize her for not knowing that that’s not how things work.  

The Blood Pudding – November 16, 2020

Madison Murray is an artist and alchemist from Salem, Massachusettes, living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is commonly influenced by plants, horror, shame, arousal, and her native New England. Learn more at or on Instagram (@saintsoil). 

Artwork: Ekaterina Popova is a fine art painter who draws on her memories of her early life in Russia and her current cultural environment to produce vivid scenes of fictional domestic spaces that create a sense of nostalgia and electric vibrancy. She lives in Delaware with her longtime partner and Pomeranian Kolibri. You can find out more about her and buy her work at