trailer park throne.

By Colton Adrian.

“The day Mom dies, Leo gets hit by a bus.

Cosmic Throne by Matthew Eaton.


Mom buys the papasan the day I learn shoes: Loopty-loop bunny ears and pull the whiskers tight. The brown and massive papasan takes up half my room. That night I puke 48 Reese’s onto it. Leo wags his tail. When my shoes lose the laces, the papasan is soaked sex stains. Virginity misplaced, dingy white slip-ons, eyes twitch, spraying the papasan with holy globs of teenage angst and stupidity, fury and joy. The day Mom dies, Leo gets hit by a bus. He bleeds blood stains into the papasan while I nurse him helplessly with peanut butter-covered pieces of ham.

The Blood Pudding – April 24, 2023

Colton Adrian is a writer, poet, and editor who most recently had a longer-than-he-intended bout with healthcare marketing and the corporate world. Now he’s back home with his dog, Leo, typing up poems and looking for hamburger flipping jobs or something casual like that.

Artwork: California-born and London, England raised, Artist Matthew Eaton is the Director/Curator of Red Bull House of Art in Detroit Michigan, an arts residency program that supports and exhibits local artists, Co-Director of the Detroit Beautification Project, a Detroit based mural initiative that has spawned over 80 murals by 41 artists from around the world, Director of Detroit based CONTRAprojects a street art focused arts program and Partner in Detroits premier modern and contemporary art gallery Library Street Collective.
You can find more about him here.